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The Pact is Out

Director Nicholas McCarthys haunted house horror The Pact started life as a short film which played at the 2011 Sundance festival. It caused such a stir that he was offered the money to make it into a full feature – only three days after it was screened. Now that feature length movie makes its way […]Read More

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Top 5 Haunted Houses in the UK

In the new UK horror/thriller, <em>Psychosis</em>, Charisma Carpenter moves to a picturesque British manor house for some peace and tranquillity. <!--more-->Although at first the beautiful countryside is just the remedy she was looking for, before long her dream of serenity unfolds into a living nightmare as she is pushed to the point of madness by all her unshakable visions of the mass murder that took place there many years before. To celebrate the release of Psychosis we are taking a look at the real top 5 most haunted houses in the Read More