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The Most Infamous Unmade British Film of All Time /

De Montfort University’s Cinema, Television History Institute, Hammer Films and Regent Street Cinema present a live-script reading of one of the most infamous unmade British films of all time. In 1975, Hammer Films’ mounted an expensive and ambitious adaptation of the hit comic book Vampirella.Read More

Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb (1971) Review

Another release from StudioCanal’s stupendous Hammer Horror series, Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb may not be familiar to many but the name of the author whose story The Jewel of the Seven Stars it is an adaptation of most definitely will be being that it is by the father of Dracula himself Bram Stoker.Read More

Demons of the Mind (1972) Review

Screened at FrightFest to celebrate a whole new bunch of Hammer horror releases from StudioCanal in honor of 60 years of the famous British horror studio Demons of the Mind is a 1979 oddity about madness, murder and dark family secrets.Read More