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Don’t Look Back (2020) Review

Apathy is deadly. In our current violent culture where muggings, assault and even murder can happen in a crowded public place in broad daylight, standing by as a silent observer can be as bad as plunging the knife in or pulling the trigger.Read More

The Night Sitter (2018) Review

From Roller Disco Massacre and the executive producer of Final Destination, comes The Night Sitter, a horror comedy that offers up festive frights and spellbinding scares. Think Dario Argento’s Inferno (1980) meets Hocus Pocus (1993) with a pinch of Better Watch Out (2017) and Netflix favourite, The Babysitter (2017) all boiled into a cauldron, and […]Read More

Dead Awake (2016) Review

Sleep paralysis is a fascinating and terrifying subject that affects a huge number of people all across the world as demonstrated by the brilliant documentary The Nightmare by Rodney Ascher which still manages to freak me out whenever I think about it.Read More