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Black Sabbath (1963) Review

One of the many wonderful things about horror is that is one of the only genre’s of film where the anthology format really works. Like telling ghost stories round a camp fire horror movies made up of several short tales of terror have been popular and successful for decades.Read More

More Bava Brilliance Comes to Blu-Ray

After releasing the excellent Mario Bava double bill of Black Sunday and Lisa and the Devil Arrow Video are pleased to announce two more exciting and never-before-seen Blu-ray & DVD premieres from the one and only godfather of Italian horror, Mario Bava.Read More

Black Sunday (1960) Review

Arrow Video once again hits a bullseye with two brilliant Mario Bava releases. They’re packed with extras and showcase the Italian horror supremo’s early work in all its gory glory, the first of which is Black Sunday also known as Mask of Satan.Read More