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Hannibal: Series 1 (2013) Review

Everyone knows who Hannibal Lector is. And so the task of making a TV series about such a famous character, created and crafted in bestselling books by author Thomas Harris and brought to life on the cinema screen by three different actors (one of which defined the role to many) was an extremely challenging and […]Read More

Manhunter Competition

Manhunter is the brilliant film adaptation of Thomas Harris’s Red Dragon. It was brought to the screen by 80’s movie maestro Michael Mann with excellent performances from CSI’s William Petersen and Brian Cox as the crowd pleasing cannibal Hannibal Lecktor.Read More

The Rite Competition

Win The Rite Goody Bags! The Rite hits UK cinemas on Friday February 25th and stars the legendary Anthony Hopkins in what’s said to be his ‘most disturbing performance in years’.Read More

The Wolfman (2010)

When it was announced that Universal was delving into its vast catalogue of monster movies to remake The Wolfman, I met the news with great trepidation. Even if you haven’t seen the 1941 original, you will be familiar with the story of the cursed man who transforms into a werewolf under a full moon – […]Read More