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A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio (2019) Review

I see so much horror that when everyone around me has leapt six foot out of their seat at a jump scare, I just continue munching my popcorn, my pulse unchanged.   So it was quite a surprise  to find A Night of Horror: Nightmare Radio Review  having me check I had locked the doors and […]Read More

Dark Place (2019) Review

Whenever I get the chance to review an anthology movie, I jump at it as it’s a subgenre I particularly enjoy. I love a good collection of scary stories and this one has a particularly interesting selling point, the quintet here being indigenous tales from Australia which look at post-colonial Aboriginal history and issues through the lens of horror, casting indigenous actors in most of the roles.Read More

Dark Whispers Volume 1 (2019) Review

Clara goes to clear the house of her recently deceased mother and discovers a book which demands to be read. Each story is very different but each one of them creeps Clara out in their own way. And what’s going on with the noises she’s hearing and the visions she’s experiencing? Is the book a […]Read More

Holidays are Coming

In recent years we’ve seen a clutch of horror anthologies hit our screens and a few of those have opted for seasonal themes, like Tales of Halloween and A Christmas Horror Story.Read More