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Heather's love of horror began way too early with classics such as The Thing, The Fly and Alien. She was later to fall in love with J-horror after seeing The Ring and The Grudge. Now Heather reviews some of the best films from across the genre. She prides myself on a straightforward and honest approach to her reviews. She isn't afraid to get under the skin of filmmakers during interviews. She is now on the path to writing and directing her own films and enjoys a wide variety of films from across the genre, from black comedy to torture porn. You can also find her on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. instagram:

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Highlights from Final Girls Berlin Festival #wihm

It is February and the 12th (and last!) official Women in Horror Month.  So it was a perfect reason to head to Germany (virtually at least) to the Final Girls Berlin Festival.  The Festival showcases horror cinema that’s directed, written, or produced by women and non-binary filmmakers.   The organisers state  “We’ve seen more than enough […]Read More

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The Sinners (2020) Review

I am not the biggest fan of teen horror films if truth be told –  so I initially ignored The Sinners when it popped up at the genre festivals last year.   However, the synopsis and the promise of an independently made Mean Girls meets the Craft film eventually won me over.  Given this is aimed […]Read More