Stage Fright (2014) Review

When Stage Fright was announced last year, many of us thought that this would be a remake of the 80’s schlock classic; alas this isn’t.

Stage Fright 2014 is stage fright horror filma hap-handed attempt at a horror musical, which really suffers from not really knowing what it wants to be.

At times it tries to be a musical, at other times it tries to be a standard slasher, and most of the time it’s just downright dreadful. The cast is unfortunately wooden, including rock legend Meat Loaf, who stars as the leader of the drama camp. Other notable talent includes Millie Driver and Allie McDonald (House at the End of the Street).

The slasher trait of a prior evil is employed here as leading lady Camilla (McDonald) see her mother mother, Kylie (Driver) brutally murdered after starring in a production of The Haunting of the Opera. This understandably brings the production to an end.

stage fright movie 2014

Flash forward ten years and Camilla is working at the drama camp run by Meat, the head of the Production from her mother’s final show and decides to try out for… You guessed it The Haunting of the Opera.

With the camp setting there was a possibility of something similar to slasher favourite Sleepaway Camp, but Stage Fright does also suffer from not taking advantage of its environment; a camp in the middle of nowhere it seems.

stage fright minnie driver stage fright meat loaf

This is when the killings start and unfortunately too some of the singing which draws comparisons with Glee, and not in a good way.

We have plenty of red herrings regarding the identity of the killer, but when the big reveal happens it feels poorly executed and quite predictable.

Sadly Stage Fright is one show worth avoiding.

Movie Rating: ★

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 



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