Static (2012) Review

Static Depressed and desperate to stay strong after the death of their child a young couple living in a secluded house are about to face their fears full on in a night of terror that will change the course of their destiny forever.

Jonathan and Addie (played by Heroes and The Divide star Milo Ventimiglia and Sarah Shahi from Person of Interest) are trying their hardest to put the pieces of their life back together after the tragedy that took their 3 year old boy away from them but as time has passed only more hurt has grown.

Late one night a hysterical woman (The Innkeepers Sara Paxton) bangs on their door claiming she is being pursued by masked men out to kill her. Although the couple sense she is acting oddly they take her in and try to calm her down.


When strange things start to happen in their home however, they are plunged into a game of cat and mouse the conclusion of which no one could ever see coming.

StaticDirected by first timer Todd Levin Static is an innovative horror thriller that throws the audience in at the deep end rewarding their faith and trust with a great story and some good old fashioned jumps and frights.

Treading the fine line between supernatural horror and home invasion stalker slasher Static keeps the audience engaged and as confused and scared as the young couple caught up in the unexplained machinations of the masked men all around them.

The cast do a great job with Paxton on fine form and Ventimiglia and Shahi crafting likable yet damaged characters who have been so scarred by the past that they are being torn apart emotionally while destroying each other in their all-consuming grief.

Dealing with issues of blame, guilt and the loss of a child as so many other horror films have before from Don’t Look Now to The Door, Static offers an interesting slant on the familiar story however if there is one criticism to be made it is that it feels more like a stand out episode of a horror anthology TV show rather than a fully formed feature.

Static Static

This small quibble aside Static is a great little movie, well made, well scripted and well performed and all involved should be commended in offering up an affecting and original slice of horror that despite its title moves the audience emotionally as well as fearfully.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ☆ ☆ 



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