The Violent Kind (2010) Review

Every once in a while, a horror film comes along that’s a bit different. Not necessarily ground-breaking, but a bit odd, interesting and strangely mesmerising. The Violent Kind is one such film.

What starts as a tale of a biker gang and their violent The Violent Kind dvdactivities quickly becomes an edgy, bloody horror with elements of possession, zombies and even aliens – or something.

Kody is part of a big biker gang, kind of like the Hells Angels. He and his buddies like to do the usual naughty things associated with these gangs and it’s towards the end one of their wild house parties that Kody’s ex-lover (Michelle) and her new man are violently attacked by an unknown being.
With only a handful of them left at the remote house, they tend to Michelle’s injuries and try to fix up their truck which has stopped running for no apparent reason.

Whilst the group makes the mistake of splitting up to do different tasks, things turn crazy as the dead come back to life, Michelle shows signs of being demonically possessed and a strange group of teddy boys (and their women) turn up to torture and torment them.
These are no normal teddy boys though and when Kody and his friends find out what lies in store for them, they’re left fighting for their lives, desperately looking for a way to escape.

the violent kind 2010 horror

The Violent Kind is a weird film. This probably goes some way to explain why not many people have heard of, or seen it. Marketing a biker/slasher/zombie/possession/alien movie has to be challenging and one has to wonder how the whole idea ever came about. It really is a seemingly random combination of elements.
Thankfully though, the quality of the film isn’t compromised by its themes. The story might be bat-sh*t crazy but this relatively low budget movie has been put together with sober precision.
Aside from the excessive use of heavy guitar music everything fits and this oddball film just somehow works.
It’s weird, but not overcomplicated;
It’s confusing, but not overwhelming;
And it seems to explain things just enough to keep the viewer interested without feeling the need for a big ‘reveal’ pay-off.

the violent kind 2010 film the violent kind 2010 movie

The use of inter-dimensional beings is reminiscent of The Mist, the mild mannered home intruders are similar to those in Funny Games and the possessed a girl bears and uncanny resemblance to Linda from The Evil Dead. And it’s the use of these devices that plays on the mind of the horror connoisseur making the whole scenario more intriguing.

Although not heart-stoppingly good, there is little to fault with The Violent Kind and it’s well worth taking the time to watch this otherwise easily over-looked and underestimated film.

If you want something quirky and different, look no further.

Movie Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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