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The Quiet Ones (2014) Review

After the carefully crafted, well-acted and frankly pretty scary The Woman in Black remake, Hammer have returned with another British ghost story. This time merging two popular horror genres, found footage and period set poltergeists, in an attempt to secure them a spooky smash hit.Read More

Exorcismus (2010) Review

It’s quite a common occurance in horror films nowadays. A teenage girl starts acting all crazy, throwing things about etc. So the parents worry and call in a specialist, thinking that she’s just hormonal and next thing we know, her head is spinning and a priest is battling for her soul.Read More

Dorothy (2008) Review

It is a mathematical fact that if you add creepy children into any film you increase the fear factor by at least 50 percent. Perhaps it’s the idea of pure innocence corrupted by ultimate evil, maybe it’s our deep rooted terror of being replaced by the younger generation, hell maybe its just their high pitched […]Read More