Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High Aka Vol. 2 (2017) Review

At Cannes this year, as they are every other, Troma were in attendance, bringing monsters and promises of excessive bodily fluids to the streets and this year onto the screen in the form of this insane sequel to the corny Nuke em franchise.

There’s some kind of story in here somewhere, buried deeply under the boobs and blood and mush and goo and poo, but that’s not why we’re here. We’re here to witness what Troma does best, a showstopping spectacle of dodgy by highly imaginative special effects, with biting social and political satire.

Watching a Troma movie is like stepping into party where there are a lot of nutters running about doing crazy and dangerous stuff, but you’re having a great time so long as you only drop by for an hour or so.

Nuke Em vol 2 is loud, comic book, wonderfully eighties retro, a two (or three) fingers up to all the film snobs and above all- a dopamine bukakee! Long may Lloyd, his monsters and tromettes make movies that are pure entertainment. Next up (following Lloyds finest hour -Tromeo and Juliet) is The Tempest. It’s certainly going to be the version I wish I’d studied in school. TROMA. TRO-MA, TRO- MA!!!

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ½ ☆ 

I was lucky to attend both, the Troma party and attend the world premiere of ‘Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High aka Vol 2’ in Cannes this year. It was great to meet Lloyd Kaufman again. I also got to chat with Toxie and sing karaoke with Sgt Kabukiman NYPD!


Sam Casserly

After escaping his host and coming alive in the era of Video Nasties, Cannibal Casserly consumed all the terror he could get his stumpy little hands on. On the verge of releasing his first low budget horror feature, he lurks in the shadows to avoid the pitchforks of witch burning villagers. This misunderstood monster just wants to be your friend.

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