DIANE at FrightFest 2017

When a disabled war veteran discovers the dead body of a beautiful singer in his back yard, his fascination with her photographic image soon turns to obsession.

Steve’s lingering injuries and regrets from the war in Afghanistan plunge him into a soulless routine until the dead body of a beautiful singer, Diane, is dumped in his back yard. Steve takes a digital photo of her before reporting the murder to the police and soon he becomes obsessed with the dead woman’s image. Now the prime suspect, Steve is scrutinized by the police, hassled by Diane’s widower, and attacked by self-righteous neighbors. Before long, the malevolent ghost of Diane begins to work a dark spell that leads Steve to strange and startling revelations.

“Made for under $50,000 and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, it’s an honor to be selected by FrightFest London for our world premiere, especially since DIANE is sort of not a horror movie” says Diane director Michael Mongillo “I agree with Frightfest’s “haunting” assessment and it is indeed a supernatural mystery but there’s just way more atmosphere than splatmosphere.”

The World Premiere of DIANE takes place at FrightFest 2017 THURSDAY 24TH AUGUST with an additional screening SATURDAY 26TH AUGUST. Get your tickets HERE and watch the trailer below:


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