Blood Glacier (2013) Review

Blood Glacier

On hearing the title of the movie Blood Glacier several things ran through my mind and known of them where “that sounds like an intelligent, well made and damn scary movie” but I was wrong.

This Austrian horror’s real title is Blutgletscher or The Station an altogether more subtle and vague name that although less literal and sensational doesn’t make you think the film is a horror rip off sequel to Titanic staring an evil sentient iceberg reaping revenge for what the boat did to its mother back in 1912.

The story is set on a remote outpost station in the German Alps where a trio of scientists study climate change and its devastating effects on the environment. Out investigating one day an unexpected effect they discover is a giant blood filled glacier.

Blood Glacier

The blood glacier seemingly contains a new microorganism capable of blending the DNA of any animal to create horrific hybrids one of which, a mutated fox with an insects face, attacks the pet dog of technician and odd job man Janek (Gerhard Liebmann).Blood Glacier

While Janek advises the team call for help the selfish scientists are eager to keep the discovery quiet but when more murderous monstrosities are sited Janek takes matters into his own hands.

Unfortunately for him not only is it too late to stop the horrific hybrids but a whole group of innocent people are headed for the station on a PR trip including his old flame and they are all unaware of what warped wickedness awaits.

Taking the body horror of John Carpenter, David Cronenberg and Brian Yuzna and giving it an environmental twist Austrian director Marvin Kren and writer Benjamin Hessler manage to produce a great horror movie as sick and twisted as the creatures featured in the film.

Filled with giant woodlice, hawks with scorpion tails and giant rams with insect wings Blood Glaciers nightmarish amalgamations are terrifying and well realized considering the low budget with Kren carefully filming them to maximise the impact and minimise our over examination of the models.

Blood Glacier

Utilising sensational sound effects to add another layer of horror to the monsters Kren keeps the characters and us in the dark before revealing each disturbing creation letting everyone’s minds wander on what disgusting death dealing creatures will appear next.

What elevates the film however is the characters which are all very well realized by the script and cast. From the fame hungry scientists to the no nonsense matriarchal Minister and the useless bearded Alpinist each individual is well rounded meaning you connect and care about them especially in the chaotic climactic freaky final act.

Blood Glacier

Blood Glacier

At the center of the story is Janek an unlikely hero given his appearance and alcoholism. Tubby and balding Gerhard Liebmann is an excellent everyman journeying from a figure of fun to a tortured anti-hero by the end of the movie when his ex-lover Tanja (Edita Malovcic) returns to him in the midst of the madness.

Don’t be put off by its silly name Blood Glacier blends entertaining gore with a solid story and character depth as well as some terrific tension and stand out scary scenes.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 



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