Horror Favourites – Marcus Dunston

Marcus Dunstan

We have been enjoying our November Nightmares event so much that we almost have too much great stuff to share with you.

A while back, we got to talking with Marcus Dunstan, the writer/director of The Collector, which was one of our five favourite W4free.com films.

Here Marcus tells us about his favourite horror film and the reasons behind his choice:

“My favourite horror film is Suspiria. It’s the first time I saw horror being beautiful. Yes there was brutality and there was extreme violence but the art deco design, the technicolour matrix system, the colour banding, the score by Goblin and the masterful direction by Mr Argento made it all into a horrific poem come to life.

And that sonnet of violence echoed, echoed, echoed and I just have not seen anything come close to that. Horror reaching that pedestal of beauty and grandeur, it was as if the film was made by Mr Agento as a thank you for every nightmare he had ever had. A world without traditional rules but that adhered to beauty first and as a result is there any colour prettier than red?”

The Collector is available to stream for free on W4free.com


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