Burning Questions for the cast and creatives behind Burning Men – Edward Hayter

From Munro Films, in association with Lightbulb Film Distribution, and the director of Blood Moon, and Peep Show’s premiere series Jeremy Wooding, something wicked this way comes with Burning Men. From the 1st March, a British rock-and-roll road-movie will be arriving in select cinemas and we got to shoot some burning questions at some of the fierce forces behind this red hot horror.

When young musicians Ray (Ed Hayter) and Don (Aki Omoshaybi) are evicted from their South London squat, they decide to sell their precious vinyl collection and fly to Memphis in search of their destiny. Frustrated by the shortfall in funds, they steal an ‘uber-rare’ Black Metal record at a Camden record fair and head out of town to sell it. As they drive north in their beaten-up Volvo Amazon, picking up hitchhiker Susie (Elinor Crawley) en route, they find themselves stalked by dark forces apparently unleashed by the ‘devil disc’ they have stolen.

Burning Men is released in select cinemas now, and out on Digital release from 18th March, available with the following:
Amazon (https://amzn.to/2TtGwIN) BT Store (https://bit.ly/2HrKwTC) Sky Store (https://bit.ly/2FkDqhE) iTunes (https://apple.co/2VJNfeb) Google Play (https://goo.gl/AxNQAr) Microsoft (https://goo.gl/mJebK9) Rakuten (https://bit.ly/2Wd2FIj)

Below star Edward Hayter answers our questions on his fantastic film.

1. How did you get into acting?
Watching my mate Ash Hunter perform at his graduation show at central.

2. Tell us about your involvement with Burning Men?
I was filming a Tv series called ‘Will’ in Cardiff at the time. and my friend Freddie taped with me for it during time off. I had met with Jeremy and in the Groucho early in the week and was impressed by his peep show credentials, enthusiasm and the POV concept. I received a phone call about 1 hour after we sent the self tape off offering me the role.

3. What would be your dream road trip?
Motor cycling Euan McGregor style down to through Europe Russia, Mongoliam, China. Or perhaps A more economic, greener, thigh growing and lung expanding option of a bike trip through Italy or of course a convertible trip along route 66. ideally a Tesla. which ever one of those 3 presents itself to me first. they are all on a slow boil in the back of my mind. if I had selected one I would’ve done it by now.

4. What is one album you couldn’t live without and why?
So hard to pick just one I’m sorry. probably Harvest by Neil Young, solid air by John Martyn or Nick Drake Pink Moon. as they never get old and return back and forth to my life offering different insights with each listen along with some Nivarna, Nick Cave, Daughter and Corbin, Lana del Rey or The Weekends early albums were all formative and haven’t lost their spark. Bonobo, Quantic and The Avalanches also fit in here somewhere. The Foals are brilliant live and Biggie Smalls Ready to Die album with orchestral backing was transcendental. pretty much dark lyrics and violins if you want to cut this answer down to size. Meloncoly tends to resonate the most. I’m fun at parties. I listen to more shit music than is healthy i can feel it rotting my mind like candy rots the teeth. but i still listen despite myself. mass produced pop is like mass produced meat its salty sweet and artificially tasty but makes you feel a little ill and unfulfilled after consumption. but I do love a Maccy D’s

5. What scares you the most?
Losing my marbles and not having kids before I’m old.

6. What is next for you?
Still finishing the theatre run of ‘Touching the void ‘ in Scotland and Bristol then will be auditioning again in a couple weeks had one for a tape solider who dies in battle after one episode. I liked that role, but we shall see.

Burning Men is released in select cinemas now, and out on Digital release from 18th March, available with the following:
Amazon (https://amzn.to/2TtGwIN) BT Store (https://bit.ly/2HrKwTC) Sky Store (https://bit.ly/2FkDqhE) iTunes (https://apple.co/2VJNfeb) Google Play (https://goo.gl/AxNQAr) Microsoft (https://goo.gl/mJebK9) Rakuten (https://bit.ly/2Wd2FIj)


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