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Await Further Instructions is one of the most highly acclaimed horrors of the year and it’s no surprise to find it was helmed by a true fan of the genre, director Johnny Kevorkian (The Disappeared). In fact, this seasonal shocker has earned strong reviews worldwide and arrives in the UK just in time as the perfect alternative Christmas movie.

In Await Further Instructions, it’s Christmas Day and the dysfunctional Milgram family wake to find a mysterious black substance surrounding their house. Something monumental is clearly happening right outside their door, but what exactly – an industrial accident, a terrorist attack, a nuclear war? All their limited information now comes from the television. But as the ominous gogglebox exerts an ever more sinister grip on their psyches, their terrified paranoia escalates into bloody carnage.

To celebrate the UK release on digital platforms, arriving soon on Blu-ray and DVD, we learn about Kevorkian’s all-time favourite horror…

“It’s so hard to pick only one but I’d say John Carpenter’s The Thing is definitely up there, and it was a big inspiration for our film.

I love how it’s set in Antarctica in the middle of nowhere, very eerie and isolated. We’re in a research station and everyone becomes trapped inside, similar to our family in Await Further Instructions, although they’re in a house. Interestingly, it’s a fairly small cast of characters and when we learn about this shapeshifting creature taking the form of any organism, we don’t know who’s been infected. Then, the paranoia really builds and you trust no one.

The practical effects were incredible in The Thing and very inspiring for us. In fact, we named one of our creature rigs “The Thing rig” because the special effects team and I were talking in terms of influences. We used it in a scene where cables shoot out from the TV for the first time and flap around. It was a lot of fun!”

Await Further Instructions is out now on digital download and available for pre-order on Blu-ray and DVD. For platform links, visit www.awaitfurtherinstructions.co.uk


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