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To celebrate the release of award-winning British horror, Dark Beacon, co-writer, producer and director Coz Greenop shares the number one influence that helped shape his new feature film, and his career as a whole.

In new supernatural horror Dark Beacon, Amy (April Pearson, TV’s Skins) loves her former colleague Beth with a passion, a relationship they had kept secret. When Beth’s devastated husband dies tragically, the widow disappears into seclusion with her young daughter. Tracking down Beth to a remote lighthouse, Amy finds her there, broken, and attempts to re-connect. But before long, they experience strange and terrifying visions suggesting Beth’s husband is back and won’t stop until they meet the same fate.

Winning multiple awards including Best Film, Best Actress (for April Pearson) and Best Cinematography at the American Horror Film Festival, Dark Beacon is a must-see movie from acclaimed filmmaker Coz Greenop (House Red, Demon Baby) and co-stars Lynne Anne Rodgers, Toby Osmond and Jon Campling.

A lifelong Stephen King fan, Greenop shares his love for the iconic, big screen adaptation of The Shining…

“I love The Shining because it’s a true psychological horror. My own films have dealt with themes of isolation, guilt and grief. These are ideas I like to write about because they are believable and that makes it scarier, and they are very prominent in The Shining. It’s a genuinely scary film.

I also love that family plays such a big part. As a man, if you want to murder your wife and kid, that’s a very scary place to be mentally. Likewise, if you’re a kid and your dad wants to kill you, that’s far more horrifying than any ghost. The fact that the characters are being chased by someone they love and have known their whole lives is seriously disturbing. You’ve also got those tropes of being in isolation, it’s snowing and they’re trapped, and these are scary themes I also like to work with.

This film has had such an impact on me, my writing and how I develop characters. Even for my next film, House Red, the fact that Douglas Milsome was my cinematographer and he worked with Stanley Kubrick on The Shining is amazing, a dream come true. Having the opportunity to collaborate with people who worked on your favourite film is incredible.”

Dark Beacon is released in Cinemas 22nd March and Digital Download 27th March 2018. Book tickets HERE Pre-order on iTunes – https://apple.co/2th3fv2


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