Horror Favourites – Thomas Jakobsen & Justin Monroe

Directed by first-time Danish director, Thomas Jakobsen, The Unraveling is an immersive and visceral cinematic experience that captures one man’s relentless fight to survive two brutal forces at once: a mysterious killer in the woods and a ruthless heroin addiction.

The film was produced by Justin Monroe, director/ producer of the award-winning feature, “The Rock n Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher,” and was co-written by Jakobsen and Monroe. With the UK release imminent we asked both Thomas and Justin top tell us about their favourites horror films.

Thomas Jakobsen: “Alien (1979) is probably my favorite horror film of all time and at least to me, it’s a cinematic masterpiece. In my book, it has stood the test of time and Ridley Scott deserves a lot of credit for breaking new ground by introducing us to a genre blend the world hadn’t seen before this film came around. I am not sure if younger audiences are aware of how groundbreaking Alien truly was, but the movie really defied convention and introduced the world to a new type of female lead (Sigourney Weaver) who had no time for high heels and hysterical screaming. I also appreciate the film’s ability to make life in space seem like every day life for the characters and how rather un-exiting it really would be to work on a space station Everything was worn down, abysmal and dark and it set a gritty tone for the whole setup before we get sucked into the highly suspenseful game of cat and mouse between Ripley and the Alien. I can’t even get into explaining how incredible the design of the Alien was. Just watch it again. and you won’t regret it – I promise.”

Justin Monroe: “Anytime I’m asked to name my all-time favorite anything, I start to sweat like I’m taking the SAT. I love so many horror films for so many different reasons; I can never seem to boil down my exhaustive lists to the one and only crowning jewel. That said, I can name one horror film experience that changed my life.

I was on vacation in New Mexico with my grandparents. As we drove into a little dusty town, my grandmother noticed that Friday the 13th, Part 4 was playing at the rundown theater at the end of the street. She loved horror movies, and so she figured it was time for me to love them, too – never mind the fact that I was ten years old.

We walked down the dark, center aisle of the tiny theater to find our seats. The place had a musty odor and paint was peeling from the walls. My grandmother smiled back at me like she was walking into Disneyland. I felt like I was walking into the scene of a real life horror movie – I wanted to both puke and run like hell. But, like in all good horror films, I ignored my best judgment and followed her further into the dark room. We nestled into our seats near the front of the theater, and I pulled the bucket of popcorn onto my lap like it was a force field. The rickety projector sputtered to life, and I nervously turned to the screen. In the next hour and a half, my whole world changed. I saw teenagers drinking and partying. I saw girls skinny dipping. I saw a man speared through his privates and another man chopped in the face with a meat cleaver. IT WAS AMAZING!

I will never forget the scene near the end of the movie when Corey Feldman shaves off all of his hair to look like Jason as a child, and he runs downstairs to help his sister. His sister had almost gotten the best of Jason by hacking a machete between Jason’s splayed fingers, but Jason eventually overpowers her. Right as he’s about to kill her, Corey shows up and calls out, “Jason! Don’t you remember me? Don’t you remember me?” Jason turns to him, entranced. He slowly gets up and walks toward Corey. This gives his sister the time she needs to chop Jason down. She grabs up the machete, lifts it over her head and slices through the air as Jason turns back to see the large blade coming at him. WACK! She misses, only knocking off Jason’s mask.

The mask dramatically falls to the ground and so does the machete. And then it happens. Jason turns his unmasked face to the camera and I lose my shit. I have never seen a face so grotesque and disturbing in all my life, before or since. To this day, that face still haunts me. It also fascinates and beckons me to write stories for the next generation of unsuspecting ten-year-olds out there.”

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THE UNRAVELING is out in UK and Ireland from Monday October 9th


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