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1Love Horror: Tell us about your film?
Fergus March: It’s called The Trap; it’s a low-budget comedy/horror – a funny movie with some gory moments, like The Goonies meets Saw. But British. And way more awesome than it sounds.

Love Horror: How did you get into making horror movies?
Fergus March: I’ve always loved horror, and I’ve always been a comedy geek – the impulse to scream and the impulse to laugh are very similar, psychologically, so I wanted to mine that feeling, and get audiences to enjoy it with me! From the second I picked up a video camera, I started working out how to make people scream, laugh, and squirm with it.
I guess I should thank my mum, who showed me the Evil Dead movies when I was a nipper, along with Alien, Carrie, Halloween, the Hammer ouvre (particu-larly The Ghoul, which I remember affecting me greatly when I was a kid) and other seminal classics. Thanks Mum!
The pretentious answer is also true: Horror is a great test of a film-maker’s skills. Tension is a tricky thing to get right onscreen. One tweak and it’s tedi-ous, or laughable. But get it right, and you can smash your audience’s heads off, figuratively speaking.

Love Horror: What is your view on horror in 2016 and how would you change it?
Fergus March: The only people who complain about horror these days aren’t fans – if they were, they’d find what they like. That’s why horror is amazing at the moment, there’s so much of it, and access to lots of scares has never been easier to achieve.
As much as horror took a weird turn in the mainstream a decade ago (torture porn, found footage, etc), it’s coming back in great style, thanks to people like Leigh Whannell, Fede Alvarez and Dan Trachtenberg, and the producers giving them the opportunities. Meanwhile, low-budget horror has been awesome (and an awesome community to work in) since the proliferation of prosumer filming and editing kits – since around 2001, every sicko can make a brilliant, professional standard movie! It’s why you can listen to hundreds of podcasts from around the world all about cult horror, and why amazing opportunities like the UVHFF come along!

Love Horror: What is your favourite horror film and why?
Fergus March: Evil Dead 2 – Dead by Dawn. So much imagination in the camera work, the gore, Bruce Campbell’s performance remains a high watermark of physical comedy, and talk about getting a lot out of your budget! Sam Raimi is a genius, and it’s great to see those guys, and Tapert and Ted Raimi, working together on the new Ash vs Evil Dead TV series. It’s exciting to see a new generation meet Ash for the first time!

Love Horror: If Hollywood came knocking and gave you anything you wanted what movie would you make and who would it star?
Fergus March: Having professed my love of comedy and comedy/horror, I’ve got to say that if I had the budget I’d try to make something genuinely s**t-your-pants scary. I love Martyrs, and the original Saw, and even the Korean version of The Eye (“You’re sitting in my chair!” – one of the scariest moments in any film ever) – films with that relentless intensity, which grab you by the throat and heart and lungs and don’t let go until long after the movie’s ended. A proper ride. That said, I’d probably put jokes in it. I can’t help myself.
I’d love to cast an old school actor known for light entertainment in a psycho role. That oftens yields incredible results – like John Jarratt in Wolf Creek. Maybe Ant & Dec as spectral psycho-sexual murder clowns? I’d pay to see that – wouldn’t you?

The Trap plays at Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival on Friday 4th at 7.30pm. Find out more and book tickets Here https://www.unrestrictedview.co.uk/uvhff-the-trap/


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