Feedback (2019) Review

With its UK premiere in the main Arrow Video FrightFest (not the true iMax experience) screen, Eddie Marsan plays Jarvis Dolan, a late-night radio personality with strong opinions on the current UK political landscape, telling it as he sees it.

This protagonist is very reminiscent of LBC’s James O’Brien, but the film safely moves away from this divisive subject and onto being a great one location invasion film, with a very compelling dramatic through-line that maintains and reveals itself at a satisfying pace.

The film works as a great companion piece to Oliver Stone’s Talk Radio, which gets a modern update to today’s socio-pollical times. After being invaded by masked assailants live on-air, Jarvis and his radio colleague Andrew Wilde (played by Paul Anderson) are forced to reveal dark secrets from the past to the listening public.

Eddie Marsen really excels as leading man, as he’s forced to keep going on with the show without anybody from outside the studio knowing the hostage situation he’s found himself the victim of. The more we find out about the past incident in question, the more guilt we see in the face of our protagonist. Being so used to seeing him giving memorable performances in ensemble pieces, I’m delighted to see Eddie given the opportunity to own the film from start to finish.

FrightFesters will be at the edge of their seats during the movie that maintains suspense and keep entertaining within its single location. This is helped by the amazing production design of the neon lit futuristic radio studio, plus how the lighting and camera work evolve throughout the film, ensuring the look of Feedback changes over time. There is certainly no visual fatigue when watching.

Having previously worked in radio, the quality of the on-screen studio seems far and away more swish than any real commercial radio I’ve visited, making it more in line with the much more decadent taxpayer funded BBC studios!

I digress. With a clear compelling and concise plot, strong characters and plenty of bloodlust for Gorehounds, if you have the chance to catch Feedback on the big screen, please do!

Signature Entertainment presents Feedback on Digital HD 26th August 2019

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ★ ☆ 



Sam Casserly

After escaping his host and coming alive in the era of Video Nasties, Cannibal Casserly consumed all the terror he could get his stumpy little hands on. On the verge of releasing his first low budget horror feature, he lurks in the shadows to avoid the pitchforks of witch burning villagers. This misunderstood monster just wants to be your friend.

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