Dare you enter THE HAUNTED HOTEL

Eight tales of ghostly encounters through the decades, manifesting amid the ruins of a once grand English hotel.

Made for approximately £10,000 and with a cast & crew of over 100, The Haunted Hotel drew filmmakers and creatives from all over East Anglia (UK) to the Great White Horse Hotel in Ipswich to create a portmanteau feature film with a truly local, independent spirit (no pun intended).

A once-grand hotel that was name-checked by Charles Dickens in ‘The Pickwick Papers’, the now-abandoned building provided the blank (and rather dilapidated) canvas for 8 original tales from local writers who responded to FILM Suffolk’s callout for ghost story scripts.

With plots set across 8 different eras spanning over 150 years, the production design and costuming challenge of bringing The Haunted Hotel to life was immense. When it came to production, the film was shot in two intense 5-day shooting blocks, with multiple productions working side-by-side within the catacomb corridors and rooms of the hotel.

Established stars such as Reece Ritchie (The Lovely Bones, Hercules) and Hugh Fraser (renowned as Cpt. Hastings alongside David Suchet’s Poirot for many years) worked alongside a whole host of brilliant cast and crew to bring to life the vision of our 8 segment directors (including Jane Gull, director of indie hit ‘My Feral Heart’).

THE HAUNTED HOTEL is out now on Amazon TVOD check out https://www.the-haunted-hotel.com/ for more information.


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