Slasher House filming underway

Slasher House Filming is now underway in a former prison on the Isle of man for Brit horror Slasher House.

Mycho Pictures hired the slahser house sleeve posterlocation after a suggestion from one of the film’s actors whose mother lives on the island. It was deemed to be the perfect location for the movie, the rest of which is filmed in Lacashire.

Mycho Pictures is hoping for a worldwide release of Slasher House next Halloween.

Producer Jonny Raw was very happy with the location after having spent 5 months looking for the perfect place to set the film.
And Adrian Earnshaw, Minister of Home Affairs was also said to be happy that the former institution was being put to good use.

Those involved in the shoot have praised the Isle of Man for its general support of the project, it is thought that they would welcome similar project on their fair land.

The project itself is interesting in that it is looking for investment from anyone who likes the idea of helping the British horror scene.


Tom Atkinson

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