Camp Death III in 2D!

This is a film audiences cannot dislodge from their noggins!

‘Camp Death III in 2D!’ is a crude, corny & Canadian comedy/horror 80’s slasher parody of ‘Friday the 13th Part III in 3D’ and is proudly presented in two dimensions. This $35,000 CDN opus has been described as “the most horrible GOOD movie you’ll ever see!” The film took over 4 years to complete and was partially financed by the director Matt Frame walking for 24 hours straight with a coconut chained to his waist. True story.

Starting off as a video editor/graphic designer for Canada’s CBC North, Matt Frame has completed 4 feature films since 2004. His feature documentary ‘Baghdad or Bust’ won best documentary at the Whistler Film Festival.

Matt says “I’m a bit of a one man band. For my latest film ‘Camp Death III in 2D!’ I pulled the following duties: Director, Producer, Writer, Casting, Camera, Sound, Lights, Effects, Editing, VFX, Sound design, and several others.
Phew, I’m tired!”


Festival Screenings:
CaperCon: September 21
Montreal Requiem Fear Fest: September 22
Nightmares Film Fest: October 18
Sin City Horror Fest: October 19
Cinematic Panic: October 24
Spooky Empire’s: October 26
Thriller! Chiller!: October 27
Unrestricted View Horror Fest: October 29

Check out the trailer below:


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