The Collector – DVD and Blu Ray release

Icon Home Entertainment has just announced its scheduled release date for The Collector, and in a deft move have made it sumptuously close to All Hallows Eve, giving it a great chance of being a Halloween hit come October.

In the run-up to Halloween, one film will stand-out amongst all others as the one of the goriest and most suspenseful horror films ever made… Icon Home Entertainment is pleased to announce the Blu-ray and DVD release of the macabre, suspense-filled horror thriller “THE COLLECTOR” on Monday October 18th.

From Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton, the writers responsible for the horror blockbusters Saw IV, V, VI, and the guys currently behind Saw VII 3D, “THE COLLECTOR” emerges as a real-time game of cat-and-mouse with a terrifying twist, making it the perfect Halloween purchase for any dedicated horror enthusiast.

We’ll keep you posted, and could even have some copies of the DVD to give away.


Tom Atkinson

Tom is one of the editors at Love Horror. He has been watching horror for a worryingly long time, starting on the Universal Monsters and progressing through the Carpenter classics. He has a soft-spot for eighties horror.More

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