On October 28th, expect all manner of ghoulish delights as CIGARETTE BURNS return to the cinema with INITATION – an all-nighter of epically evil proportions.

The five films screening into the twilight hours include:
No holds barred Filipino chaos factory THE KILLING OF SATAN Classic 80s slasher THE BOOGEY MAN with one of Rolling Stone Magazine’s Top 25 Film Soundtrack An extremely rare archive print screening of 70s Satanic Panic shocker THE BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN Everlasting 80s Lovecraftian schlock from RE-ANIMATOR Dario Argento’s SUSPIRIA screening on 35mm for the first time in a long time from a 40 year old print!

All films will be screening from 35mm!

Musical accompaniment for the evening will be provided by Pentagram Home Video and die-hard (not necessarily the Bruce Willis film) can enter the notoriously tough COSTUME CONTEST.



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