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Backed by AMC Networks, SHUDDER has a growing and dynamic selection of thrilling premieres and exclusives along with an impressive library of international and independent films, gripping TV series and Hollywood blockbuster favourites.

KUSO (Dir. Steve aka Flying Lotus)
Exclusively on SHUDDER UK from 21st July
The psych-out nightmare feature directorial debut from Steve, the filmmaking alter-ego of Steve Ellison, better known as acclaimed musician Flying Lotus, KUSO takes those brave enough to tag along on a wild ride.

Broadcasting through a makeshift network of discarded televisions, KUSO depicts the aftermath of Los Angeles’s worst earthquake nightmare. Viewers travel between screens and aftershocks into the twisted lives of the survived, experiencing a hallucination that feels like David Cronenberg meeting Ren & Stimpy.

(Various Directors)

SHUDDER is proud to present a vibrant, exclusive range of multi-episode web-series from acclaimed directors and producers across the globe representing the best in short-form creations in the contemporary genre scene.

With a new series launching exclusively on the service each week, SUMMER SHORTS FESTIVAL offers exciting new fantasy, horror, thriller and dark, disturbing dramas from a breadth of festival favourites by up and coming talent.

GRACE (Dir. Tony Tilse)
Exclusively on SHUDDER UK from 6th July
From HBO Asia comes a terrifying four-part mini-series that leads viewers down a path to unspeakable horror and beyond.

Set in present day urban Asia, a father’s mistake causes a series of increasingly unsettling events in a new horror-thriller series which examines concepts of family, sacrifice and vengeance.


The frightening flashbacks of a group of LSD users cause them to commit murders. Only one person who understands the crimes can help prevent more from re-occurring.

An extensive look at the making of fan favourites Fright Night and Fright Night Part 2 featuring exclusive interviews with cast and crew members, rare photographs, behind-the-scenes footage and more.

A Vietnam war casualty returns to home and begins to prowl in search of human blood in this disturbing and unusual comment on America’s involvement in the war.

Japanese horror icon Kiyoshi Kurosawa pays homage to the gruesome slasher flicks of the 1980s with the cutting tale of a young woman forced to do battle with a murderous security guard!

A horror master class from director Roman Polanski as Catherine Deneuve descends into a world of claustrophobic hysteria in her 60s South Kensington flat.

Dublin street kids break into an abandoned home and spend the night partying until shocking revelations begin to arise in this visceral thriller from director Kirsten Sheridan.


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