CROW at FrightFest 2016

imgresCrow is protector of the wood. He’s lived there since ruthless developer, Tucker, brutally moved on him and his tribe from the nearby farmstead. Now Tucker wants the wood too, intent on building a mansion – an ego extension of his dynastic ambition for him and his trophy wife, Alicia.

Crow will defend it with his life. The battle begins, but Tucker doesn’t realise that he must contend with a boy who has the power of nature behind him. Before the day is done, he will learn the real meaning of terror and see the true cost of the woods’ destruction.

The film is loosely based on the stage play: STONE THE CROWS by Tim Rhys. It was a successful ‘two-hander’ play from the nineties worked around two monologues, which intercut with one another. The essential conflict between a feral youth, Crow, trying to protect a wood against the ambition of an insensitive, aggressor businessman, Tucker, is the core of the story, while the flavour of some of the language also comes from the play.

However, the adaptation into a screenplay adds many layers, not least the supernatural content. While the first draft was by Tim Rhys it became apparent that he was perhaps too close to the material, so Wyndham Price brought a more objective perspective and a full re-write containing the supernatural thrust of the narrative. Nick Moran then helped with some of his character’s dialogue and historical elements.

Below is the trailer and you can buy your tickets for the FrightFest screening Here


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