The Cursed are coming!

If you’re in to supernatural thrillers, then The Cursed should suit you perfectly.

Starring Costas Mandylor (Saw IV, V, VI), Louis Mandylor (Daylight’s End), and Brad Thornton (Kickboxer 4), The Cursed will be available to download in the UK on Google Play, iTunes and Blinkbox from April 11, 2016

the cursed

Denny White (Brad Thornton) arrives in sleepy Warren County, Tennessee, his childhood home. Not much has changed on the surface but Denny hears about the mystery surrounding a supposed ‘demon’ killing livestock and even some local inhabitants. He starts researching the town’s history hoping to unravel fact from fiction. Sheriff Jimmy Muldoon (Costas Mandylor) and younger brother, Deputy Lloyd Muldoon (Louis Mandylor) have a firm grip on the town and they resent White ‘snooping’ around. When a new batch of killings start White is the number one suspect….

The Cursed comes to the UK courtesy of TriCoast UK.

THE CURSED from TriCoast Studios on Vimeo.


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