imagesCan Ichabod and Abbie bypass the bounds of Purgatory? Test your limits when supernatural drama SLEEPY HOLLOW: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON comes to DVD & Blu-ray on 26th October.

Reeling from the game-changing cliff-hanger of the Season One finale, when it was revealed that Henry (John Noble; Fringe, 24) is one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and also the son of Ichabod (Tom Mison, One Day, Salmon Fishing in the Yemen) and Katrina (Katia Winter; Dexter, NCIS), this season begins with Ichabod buried alive and Abbie (Nicole Beharie; The Good Wife, Shame) stranded in Purgatory.

SLEEPY HOLLOW: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON will take fans on a whirlwind journey, facing a myriad of new foes including demonic Pied Pipers, Frankenstein-style hybrid soldiers, vengeful spirits, seductive Succubi, powerful warlocks, Angels and even Benjamin Franklin himself.

With a strong supporting cast including returning talent Orlando Jones (Evolution, Bedazzled) as Frank Irving and Lyndie Greenwood (Nikita, Lost Girl) as Abbie’s sister; Jenny alongside series regulars, SLEEPY HOLLOW: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON is essential viewing this Halloween.

Get ready to travel through space and time and suspend disbelief as SLEEPY HOLLOW: THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON comes to DVD and Blu-ray on 26th October. Read our review of Sleepy Hollow Series 1 HERE

images * This is War
* The Kindred
* Root Of All Evil
* Go Where I Send Thee
* The Weeping Lady
* And The Abyss Gazes Back
* Deliverance
* Heartless
* Mama
* Magnum Opus
* The Akida
* Paradise Lost
* Pittura Infamante
* Kali Yuga
* Spellcaster
* What Lies Beneath
* Awakening
* Tempus Fugit

* Salute to the Sleepyheads!
* Commentary on Mama by Nicole Beharie and Mark Goffman
* Commentary on The Akeda by Tom Mison and Mark Goffman
* Mysteries and Mythology: The Secrets of Season Two
* Monsters and Mayhem: The Creatures of Season Two
* Hollow History
* Deleted Scenes
* Gag Reel
* Commentary on Tempus Fugit by Tom Mison and Mark Goffman

Check out the promo trailer below:


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