Cruel Summer On Its Way

We’re always keen to promote British horror and it seems that 2014 is looking to be a particularly good year for it.

One title that has caught our attention is the Welsh thriller Cruel Summer which is currently being finished and finessed before being released.

Cruel Summer was shot around South Wales cruel-summer-1with minimal cast and crew, backed by no Government bodies and utilised the natural light of the gorgeous Welsh countryside. A true, high quality, low budget independent horror film if ever we saw one.

The film follows autism sufferer Danny, who escapes the inner-city for the beautiful country as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. Little does he know, that bitter yob Nicholas (Danny Miller – Emmerdale) is hunting for him, stemming from a lie created by the enamoured and envious Julia (Natalie Martins – Miracle Grow, Tag). With the help of new boy, Calvin (Waterloo Road) the three youths close in on the innocent Danny, as Nicholas’ behaviour grows erratic and increasingly more violent.

As tensions rise within the trio, Julia and Calvin must decide whether they are capable of going through with Nicholas’ deadly plan.

The film grabs your interest from the get go, so check out the trailer below.
We’ll have an update on the release later on in the year.




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