Bobcat Goldthwait to Make Gore Movie

Bobcat Goldthwait plans to make a splatter-tastic gore movie, Love Horror can reveal.

During an exclusive interview with Love Horror, Bobcat revealed that he plans to follow on from the success of the bigfoot found footage film Willow Creek with another horror feature.

And this time the film will be a gore filled affair, brimming with blood and guts.

Goldthwait is a big fan of the horror sub genre, identifying Peter Jackson’s Brain Dead (AKA Dead Alive) as one of his favourite films.

Brain Dead
Brain Dead

“…it’s a Christmas tradition since my daughter was little that we’d sit down and watch Dead Alive. And so I’ve been wanting to make a more out and out gore movie.”

And if this latest project is anything like Willow Creek (out on DVD from 26th May) we’re in for a treat.

You can read our full interview with Bobcat Goldthwait here:
Willow Creek Interview with Bobcat Goldthwait



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