Heavenly Sword The Movie

image002Tri-coast Worldwide has released an action-busting new trailer, for ‘Heavenly Sword’, the hotly anticipated CGI movie and the first game-style animation to be translated onto the big screen.

The trailer, featuring exclusive footage, reveals Nariko in full battle-mode.

Based on the top-selling Sony Playstation video game, ‘Heavenly Sword’ stars the voice of Anna Torv who returns as Nariko (“Gaming’s hottest babe”), the red-headed, weapon-wielding divine warrior in-waiting. She must ultimately defeat King Bohan (voiced by Alfred Molina) a tyrannical ruler who is determined to secure ownership of the heavenly sword. Let the battle begin….

The film will be released theatrically in selected territories prior to Sony Playstation’s worldwide release of the film on their PS3 /PS4 platform later this year. The break-out dates will be announced shortly.


‘Heavenly Sword’ is based on a Sony PS3 Video Game, which has sold over a million units. The film is developed by Sony Worldwide Studios, produced by Blockade Entertainment and represented by TriCoast Worldwide.


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