Dr. Ciarán O’Keeffe Presents Ghostlands – Tonight!

If you’re still not quite sure what you’re going to be up to to tonight (Halloween on a week day can be a bummer) then why not check out Ghostlands, coming to a web browser or smart TV near you, tonight.

The good doctor is probably better known for his role in the highly successful programme, Most Haunted, in which he contributed by looking at events from a more scientific perspective.

In Ghostlands, Dr. O’Keeffe is give the opportunity to show you paranormal investigations where he had control and was not bound by the rules and expectations of television. Where he could choose locations that had never been shown before, ones he wanted to investigate, ones that he thought you would find as fascinating as he has and with a team that he had chosen who could trust.
Most of all, he wanted to present the viewer with the evidence, to “let the evidence speak”.

Ciaran ghostlands

Ghostlands is the macabre, shadow, creepy side of ghost hunting. It is the scientific attempts at investigating, the scepticism, the constant monitoring.

On 9pm (GMT) on Halloween. The Ghostlands YouTube Channel will be releasing a 20 minute video which give you insight into a 2 day investigation at a particularly creepy location abroad. The YouTube Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/GhostlandsOnline will have uploads on a regular basis and support from a Facebook page, Twitter account, and informative website: www.ghostlands.co.uk

Ciarán is keen to get his audience involved as much as possible, to by watching the show and giving your opinions, you’ll be able to decide the direction and form that it takes. The intention is that the concept with be an organic one.

To find out just what this intriguing project is all about, tune in tonight.


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