Another Evil (2016) Review

At a big festival like Frightfest, it’s always hard to find a film that’s refreshing. It’s not that they aren’t there, it’s just that there’s always a lot of fluff to fight through before you find it.

Another Evil is a film that Another Evil 2016 movieoffers up something a little different, though on the surface you might not expect it.

When Dan, his wife Mary and their son Jazz discover that their mountain retreat home is haunted they’re understandable terrified.
And after an initial assessment by a spiritualist the couple are divided about the best way to tackle it.

Acting on the recommendation of a friend and behind Mary’s back, Dan employs the services of a peculiar ghost destroyer known as ‘Os’ who has a number of destructive tools at his disposal to rid homes of the undead.

As he and Os spend a week at the remote house battling the spirits, many a drink and story are shared and an unusual relationship is formed. But as the supernatural presence avoids capture, it soon becomes clear that there might be more earth-born threats to Dan and his family’s safety.

Another Evil horror film

Simply shot and low on effects and action, Another Evil may seem to lack the impact that other Frightfest offerings deliver.
The cast is relatively unknown, the synopsis is vague and as you sit down to watch the film play out, it’s hard to tell quite which direction it’s going to take.

The film is billed as a comedy, but the humour is quite subtle, coming in the form of outrageous characters and amusing statements.
The paranormal events are limited and the dramatic events don’t take place until the final quarter of the film, leaving you a long time to wonder what it is that you’re witnessing.

Fortunately high quality of the dialogue and the captivating performances of the cast make it intriguing to watch and near impossible to leave.

Another Evil film 2016

Dan’s laid back honesty is something that we can all associate with, while the highly strung and unpredictable Os spends his time switching between two personas – one desperately seeking friendship and the other showing sociopathic tendencies.

Another Evil would have wrong footed and probably disappointed many of the viewers at Frightfest, but I found it to be a breath of fresh air that offered a welcome break from the endless stream of generic trash that continues to make its way to the big screen.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ½ ☆ 



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