You Can’t Kill Stephen King

Apparently you can’t kill Stephen King, though you might do him serious mental harm by making a wacky movie about him.

Stephen King is best known for his horror works, you can't kill stephen kingbeing behind iconic films such as The Shining, Carrie, Pet Cemetary, Salem’s Lot Christine and many more. But this week, a new film premieres that immortalises him, making him not only the subject of the film but possibly one of its killers.

You Can’t Kill Stephen King has been described as being a ‘campy horror parody’ which follows a group of friends who go on vacation near the home of the famous author. Before long, the friends begin to get killed off one by one using methods described in Mr King’s books. To survive, the friends must piece together a string of clues to stop the copy-cat killer, before it’s too late.

For a low budget parody, the film doesn’t look too bad, though it’s hard to tell how far it will take the comedy – often the downfall of films like this.

Apparntly King himself featured a link to the trailer on his web-site, so perhaps he doesn’t mind being portayed in such a light.

The film premiere will take place at the Lewiston Auburn Film Festival this Saturday, April 14th, in the Mr. King’s home state of Maine. The film is a hot ticket item at the Festival and Mr. King was sent a personal invitation.

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