Grimm brings a Samurai Splatter Double Bill

GrimmGrimm brings a samurai slash fest for its second double bill screening taking place on 17th February with two gore filled classics that are both a cut above other sword swinging movies.SHOGUN ASSASSIN

First up is SHOGUN ASSASSIN once considered a video nasty now considered a cult classic. In the early 80s, the first two Lonewolf and Cub movies were notoriously combined into one blood splattered combo for the western market and a cult classic was born. BABY CART TO HADES, the third in the Lone Wolf and Cub series of movies, makes up the double bill.

Censored, banned, bootlegged, mistreated, but ultimately unstoppable, this breathtaking high-definition special edition is the release Shogun Assassin fans have been waiting for. Unquestionably the most popular samurai film in the West since the days of Akira Kurosawa, this chanbara classic was lifted from a hugely popular comic book saga and, still wet, transferred glistening to the screen. A A re-scored, re-dubbed reassembly of the first two films in the Lone Wolf & Cub series, the result has become an ageless cult sensation in its own right.

Filled to the brim with memorable set pieces, iconic characters and violent action. This series more than lives up to its reputation as a pinnacle of Japanese exploitation cinema whose musings on the meaning of honour in a lawless world still resonate today…..Ogami Itt kills 150 people onscreen, the highest body count for a single character in a single film in cinema history.

The screenings will take place at International Anthony Burgess Foundation. To book tickts click Here.


Alex Humphrey

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