The Glass Man (2011) Review

The Glass ManThe Glass Man is a true tale for our times. As our economy goes down the pan, unemployment rises and the pressures of modern life weigh down on the average man and woman pushing them to scrimping, stealing or even suicide it seems that today we are all only a few fractions away from breaking point.

Martin Pyrite is such a man. With a well-paid job in the city he has surrounded himself with all the trappings we are led to believe equal a happy life, with a loving wife, a lovely house and plenty of possessions.

However Martin is living a lie and that lie is about to catch up with him. Having lost his job some time ago he has been desperately trying to keep up the same lifestyle slowly getting himself deeper and deeper into debt and now that debt must be paid.

The Glass Man

When one night the threatening and uncompromising Pecco turns up at Martin’s door demanding money, it seems his lies will be revealed as he has nothing to offer as payment. But Pecco has an offer for Martin, an offer he can’t refuse. And so begins a night of discovery and destruction as Martin does all he can to stop his glass house coming crashing down round him.The Glass Man

Comparable to Falling Down or Fight Club, The Glass Man follows one man on a journey to the edge and beyond dealing along the way with ideas of masculinity and gender stereotypes all brought about by the pressures and strains of modern living.

Written and directed by actor Cristian Solimeno, who also takes a role as Martin’s friend who is now a famous actor, the film blends genre’s part psychological horror part gangster thriller part domestic drama and part jet black comedy all parts working well together to form a fantastic film.

The Glass Man himself is played brilliantly by Andy Nyman, better known for writing, directing and staring in the smash hit horror show Ghost Stories. He has played bit parts in movies such as Severance and Black Death but here Nyman proves his worth ten times over as a leading man.

An emotionally demanding and draining role, Nyman plays Martin perfectly moving from a weasley wimp to an unhinged everyman never letting him slip into a pitiful parody.

The Glass Man

As the title suggests The Glass Man is not only a crack away from shattering but also a see through loser, unrecognised by the world and un-helped by those around him and Nyman captures this completely and convincingly.

James Cosmo is also very good as Pecco, the man propelling Martin into another dark foreboding world against his will. And Scream queen Neve Campbell adopts a convincing English accent as Martin’s wife the love of his life who he will do anything to keep and protect.

The Glass Man

At times hilarious, at times heartbreaking The Glass Man remains riveting all the way through. Taught with tension from start to finish and moving more towards horror the further along the film gets, you will be captivated ’til the credits role.

The Glass Man is a great film with an amazing central performance, which speaks straight to the souls of all of us – trying our hardest not to crack under the strain of the times we live in.

Movie Rating: ★

★ ★ ½ ☆ 



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