Holding their own

The Holding is a promising new British film set in the Peak district which looks sure to shock and entertain.

As we have been reliably informed – ‘It’s Cape Fear on a farm with this Brit take on the Western Thriller’. But don’t worry there are no 10 gallon hats and spitoons in this gritty piece, directed by Susan Jacobson.

“It’s British in an interesting way” smirks producer Alex Boden the holding horroron the Peak District set of The Holding, as 300’s Vincent Regan prepares to be thrown into what the script describes as a “subterranean lake of raw shit”. “We’re here on a British farm with a recognisably British cast” continues Boden, “but the feel of the film takes us out of the UK.”

Free from cockneys and council estates, The Holding whisks the low budget Brit Flick off to the country for a bit of fresh air, where hotly tipped first feature director Susan Jacobson is creating a suspense thriller that has a lot of what she calls “western elements”- admiting that “We even considered shooting in the Desert- burning out the colours and really feeling the heat”. And with a script full of isolation, desperate obsession and a shotgun or two, it’s clear she’s not just mouthing the words.

All about the strong female lead, The Holding follows single-mum Cassie, Kierston Wareing, as her home is visited by too-good-to-be-true Aiden. “She thinks she can finally have the perfect family life” comments the Fish Tank star, taking a break from her Essex accent “But this guy just isn’t normal. He’s a stalker, a psycho!” Regan (describing the ominous set as “The Evil Twin of Wuthering Heights”), proudly breathes the role, boasting that “In the line of cinematic sociopaths, he really ranks up there! There’s real meat on the bone with this.”

We’re thinking Panic Room in the Peak District with a creep to rival De Niro’s Cady – and despite his jokes that “The ‘Shit scene’ needs 3D!”, it seems Regan could be right.

Love Horror is running a short competiton to win tickets to a special screening of The Holding. It’ll be ‘Twitter only’, so to win, be sure to keep an eye on www.twitter.com/lovehorror


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