New artwork for THE DEAD

The DeadMuch anticipated zombie survival flick THE DEAD is set to invade cinemas across the UK from Sept 2, ahead of its US theatrical debut in October.

Directed by The Ford Brothers and shot on previously unseen locations across Burkina Faso and Ghana, West Africa, THE DEAD is unlike anything horror audiences have ever experienced – an apocalyptic, savage journey to the heart of Africa – where life and death is far from black and white.

It has been widely reported that filming the epic road movie took its toll. As producer/director Howard J. Ford reveals: “We encountered real death on a daily basis and were held up at gun point several times, met real cannibals, got arrested and lead actor Rob Freeman very nearly died after contracting Malaria in the middle of filming.”

The story is centered around the journey of American Air Force engineer Lieutenant Brian Murphy (ROB FREEMAN), the sole survivor of a plane crash, who has to run the gauntlet across Africa, battling with the living dead. He joins forces with local military man Sergeant Daniel Dembele (PRINCE DAVID OSEI) who is desperately searching for his missing son. They must fight together if they are to survive the flesh-eating horrors of the bush.

On Sat Aug 27, 10.30am, at the Empire Leicester Sq, prior to its release, FrightFest welcomes back The Ford Brothers for a very special event – a live commentary where the duo will watch their film alongside the audience, divulging all the gory details on how they brought their living dead saga to the screen.


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  • Great picture. Glad to find it has a release date at last.

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