John Carpenter is back on the scene!

John Carpenter is back, after a 10 year absence from the horror scene.

His latest creation – The Ward marks a welcome return for the veteran writer/director who is responsible for some of the most successful horror films of all time, including Halloween, The Thing and The Fog.

This latest creation tells the tale of a troubled girl with amnesia who finds herself institutionalized in a mental hospital in the 1960s. She’s not alone though, and before long the other residents of the ward turn her efforts of recovery into a fight for survival.

john carpenter the ward

And coming back to the fray after a break, it seems that Carpenter may well have adapted his style somewhat. Speaking to the press in New York he stated “Audiences in general have no patience for slower-paced material.” he continued “A lot of the movies that we used to watch in the old days are just not fast enough for them.”

And why the period of exile? Apparently he was so shocked by the way that he looked when he watched some footage of him behind the scenes of Ghost of Mars that he decided to take a long holiday.
Has it left him looking better? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

You can check out the trailer for The Ward right here:


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