British Designer Leads Movie Poster Revival

The above amazing movie art work is the creation of Tom Hodge, aka The Dude Designs. Tom is one of several British artists (others include Graham Humphreys and Rick Melton) at the forefront of what appears to be a welcome revival in the lost art of creating original painted, illustrated and hand-crafted images for movie posters and DVD sleeves – instead of following the sometimes spiritless digital photocomposition route which has become the industry norm.

As well as creating the theatrical poster for Hobo With A Shotgun, Tom has recently completed poster artwork for Troma’s Father’s Day and director Ti West’s The Innkeepers. He has also worked on brand-new DVD/Blu-ray sleeve artwork for Brian De Palma’s classic thriller Obsession and for 80’s cult faves Vamp and Savage Streets.

Tom explains “My aim with my design and illustration work is to bring back the lost magic of the video cover and poster art; to paint, illustrate and hand assemble images which have ‘personality’ more than pixel perfection [and] invoke those memories and emotions you used to get when you held a video box in your hand or stared at an illustrated movie poster; to create iconic images and to capture that style and excitement which first inspired me.”

Hobo With a Shotgun (Momentum Pictures) hits UK cinemas on 15th July 2011. Check out the official website Here and our interview with Rutger Hauer Here. Finally for more pictures of Tom Hodge’s work click Here.


Alex Humphrey

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