Nicolas Cage Most Quotable Horror Moments

We at LoveHorror love Nicolas Cage, but we wish he would make more horror movies. Thankfully the sword wielding, hag hanging Season of the Witch comes out on DVD/Blu-ray this Monday (27th June) to keep us happy.
Expect a full review soon and in the meantime why not look back with us at 6 of Nicolas Cage’s most quotable on-screen moments from his far too infrequent forays into the genre of horror.

6. “How could somebody misfile something” – Vampire’s Kiss (1988)

Here Nic Cage plays a publishing executive who has been bitten by a vampire. In this scene his poor secretary suffers at the hands of some very erratic behaviour.

5. “I never disrobe before a gunfight” – Drive Angry (2011)

Nic Cage plays Milton, who in this scene engages a group of rogues in a gunfight during sex. Only Cage could pull this off. Destined to become a classic.

4. “You’re buying, my friend” – Season of the Witch (2011)

Any scene involving Nic Cage and Ron Pearlman as 14th century Crusaders engaging in pre-and-during battle banter HAS to make the list.

3. “Not the bees!” – The Wicker Man (2006)

This one verges on almost disturbing as poor Nic Cage is tortured and endures some very nasty bee-stings. Whilst not a fan favourite amongst his films, this scene is already being regarded as a classic for the over-the-top cries and pleads for help.

2. “Arghhhhhhh!” – Ghost Rider (2007)

Okay so this isn’t a quote as such, but this brilliant scene from the Marvel comic movie about a demon of vengeance on a flaming bike. The film mixes amazing special effects with Cage’s trademark insane facial expressions, entertainment straight from Hell.

1. “Put the Bunny, back in the box” – Con Air (1997)

Not exactly a horror film but it does include a cast of psychopaths and the hands-down most quoted and famous Nic Cage line ever. As our hero Cameron Poe faces off against a fellow convict aboard Con Air, he command’s that he place his daughters stuffed bunny back where he found it.

If you love Nicolas Cage as much as us keep your eyes peeled for our Season of the Witch review, coming soon.


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