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The horror film and religion go hand in hand – after all, aren’t both, at their foundation, about overcoming evil? In the new Blumhouse nerve-jangler THE VIGIL, which has been described as “The Conjuring with an Orthodox Jewish twist”, religion is the crux of the plot: set over the course of a long, dark night […]Read More

Horror Channel set to terrify with ten premieres in March

Throughout March on Horror Channel, Friday and Saturday nights will fall prey to wicked witches, scheming serial killers and mysterious monsters as the UK’s number one genre channel presents ten prime-time premieres, including the first UK showing of THIRST, Greg Keifer’s blood-sucking alien thriller. There are also network premieres of Michael Winner’s theological horror THE […]Read More

Interview with The Wicker Man director Robin Hardy

Our Wicker Man obsessive Rowan Morrison was lucky enough to speak to Robin Hardy, director of 1973 classic The Wicker Man. Here he tells her about the Final Cut, the Nic Cage remake, his plans for a third film in the trilogy, and The Wicker Man’s enduring appeal. Love Horror: How close is the final […]Read More

Wicker Man the Final Cut

Following a public search for the original film materials relating to horror classic THE WICKER MAN, STUDIOCANAL UK made an announcement about what they have found, via a video message from the film’s director Robin Hardy on Facebook page that was set up for the search.Read More