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Take a look at the films of everyone’s favourite screen superstar Nicolas Cage over the last ten years and one thing’s for sure… you do not want to enrage the Cage! The over-the-top actor has turned out a slew of unhinged performances, each one wilder than the last. As the old adage goes: an eye […]Read More

Nicolas Cage’s Most Intense Scenes

Whether he’s in full-throttle action mode or delivering the drama, Nicolas Cage is an actor known for bringing an unrivalled intensity to his roles. His latest feature Looking Glass is no different, mixing thriller and action elements and serving up plenty of classic Cage.Read More

Grab yourself a Nic Cage DVD Bundle

We love Nic Cage and to clebrate the release of his latest movie Looking Glass we have a Cage-tastic Film Bundle for you to win containing 4 of his films; USS Indianapolis Men of Courage, Stolen, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, The Wicker Man: Director’s Cut.Read More

Crazy clip from Nicolas Cage’s Mom and Dad

On Friday 9th March 2018, warped horror-comedy MOM AND DAD hits cinemas across the UK and Ireland. Starring Nicolas Cage (Kick Ass, Bad Lieutenant) and Selma Blair (American Crime Story, Cruel Intentions), MOM AND DAD is written and directed by Brian Taylor (Crank).Read More

The Trust (2016) Review

Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood share many things in common. They have both been in major Hollywood blockbusters that got them massive notoriety and fame, they have both turned their hand to every genre from horror to serious drama to small indie pics to big scale comic adaptations; they have both been labeled with playing […]Read More