Gorezone International Film Festival Day 1

gorezone Last weekend saw the 3rd Gorezone International Film Festival hit London’s Leicester Square, promising plenty of crowds, great movies and inevitably, blood-curdling screams! Cut and Slash went along on Day 1 to see what all the fuss was about…

Proceedings started just after 10.00am with a great display of sword swallowing from Circus of Horrors! Believe me I wouldn’t want to attempt anything that I saw. The man had 2 cracked ribs to allow for sharp swords to be swallowed!!!

The Films

Bloodnight: Legend of Mary Hatchet, was the first film and it was amazing. It was all I wanted from a slasher movie and more.
I would highly recommend this film to anyone who likes 80’s style slasher movies – with a plot involvling your usual group of teenagers celebrating the anniversary of the death of a local axe murderer!
There was so much blood in this movie that I felt elated – I feel most films now are so toned-down that you could let 12 year olds watch them.

Breath Of Hate – A great film directed by Sean Cain and written by Wes Laurie. An escort is on what she wants to be her last job only for her clients to be 3 escaped mental patients.
Believe me the action is virtually non-stop and scenes do not follow in order, which only adds to the atmosphere of the movie. The cast including Ezra Buzzington are really great. There are not only disturbing scenes but also some funny scenes as well (just wait for the watermelon!).

Air Terjun Pengantin (Bride Waterfall) – An Indonesian Horror movie which unfortunately had the whole cinema in hysterics through bad subtitling and some pretty unconvincing scary acting.
A mysterious masked man is looking for a bride and unfortunately ‘Tiara’ is his choice. Tiara and her friends visit the Bride Waterfall little knowing the horrors (not) which await them. One to rent if you like a horror which you can laugh at and which has possibly some of the worst lines in a movie ever. One to watch!

Hyenas – Starring the lovely Christa Campbell, this film is about a clan of shape shifting hyenas hyenas moviewho go round hunting for human flesh. Just two moretal men know about the hyenas and must find the Female leader of the clan and ensure she dies. A fun film which also has some hilarious dialogue and some acting which is more wooden than a tree!

The Violent Kind – The strangest film of the night. Is it a zombie film or a film about aliens? I’m not sure, all I know is that it is a great movie with lots of punch-ups, stabbings, zombies and aliens! What more could you want in a movie.
This film surprised me as I was expecting your normal run-of-the-mill horror movie, but this one has a great twist to the tale. Definitely one to watch!

Last film of the night was Pearblossom: Life Blood starring the gorgeous Sophie Monk and Anya Lahiri (Anya attended the Weekend Of Horror and is even more gorgeous to look at in the flesh).
The film starts on New Year’s Eve 1968 and after commiting a murder, both girls are turned into reborn angels by God. Unfortunately one of the girls (Sophie Monk) has a taste for human flesh and it’s down to Anya to stop her devouring all that stands in her path. This film is a great twist on the vampire genre and made a refreshing change from your average vampire movie. One to watch!

violent kind

Post movie chit-chat

After the films ended the GZ awards were presented. I won’t tell you anything about this as I would recommend buying GZ magazine to find out the results. After the awards, GZ magazine and selected guests attended China Whites for the afterparty.

By the way, I have to mention I met Sean Cain director of Breath Of Hate and he was the nicest person I’ve ever met (Well, 2nd to Bryn Hammond, editor of GZ magazine anyway)! He even recognised me before we even started chatting and was happy to talk for a little while before he spoke to his next fan. I also got to meet Emily Booth, which was a pleasure.

I must mention and thank GZ Magazine for the great goody bags they gave out to all who attended the festival, as I have never received so much stuff for free in my life. There was allsorts in there, DVDs, T-shirts, figurines, comic books and even crisps. Monster energy drinks also provided free drinks for the whole day for the attendees which was a great gesture also.

Can’t wait until 2011 now as I had so much fun!


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