Danielle Thompson Celebrity Ghost Hunt Interview

gorezone ghosthunt After documenting my recent expriences on the Gorezone Celebrity Ghost Hunt, I thought it would be a good idea to interview one of the other attendees, Model/Actress Danielle Thompson. I wanted to know what she thought of the night and whether she had been as terrified as the rest of us!

So, how did you get involved in the Gorezone Celebrity Ghost Hunt?

I added GoreZone’s facebook page and then got a message from Bryn asking
me if I’d like to take part, I’d watched things like most haunted before
and thought it looked fun.

Before the experience, did you believe in ghosts?danielle thompson gorezone

I did, i’ve never seen one but i like the thought that they exist.

Had anything ‘paranormal’ ever happened to you?

Nothing I can think of, My mum goes to a spiritualist church and i’ve been
a couple of times and the mediums always have messages for me from people
but that’s about it.

And how was the night? Were you scared?

The night was good fun, I think it was scarier because it was a school and
the idea of children ghosts seem a bit more scary than adult ghosts. I was
most scared when after the seance in the basement playground a few of us
decided to go back on our own and try again and one of the guys blew the
candles out so we were in total darkness! I actually jumped into Bryn’s

What was the highlight of the evening for you?

The highlight was probably the seance, it was quite a  scary atmosphere.

Come on, tell our readers more!

The seance was scary just because of the atmosphere, it was dark, cold,
the room was quite big with loads of dark corners and a lot of stuff in it
so you couldn’t see behind things.  It also kept getting really cold in
the spot behind where I was sitting and apparently it was because there
was a ghost behind us, I don’t think I’m that scared of ghosts though, I
live in an old Victorian converted factory building which was probably
built around the same time as The Ragged School where we did the ghost
hunt and is probably just as haunted, I’d quite like to do a ghost hunt
there but it’s all apartments now and doesn’t look very scary.

gorezone celebrity ghost hunt

Has it altered the way you think about the ghosts and all that stuff?

Not really, I believed in ghosts before and I still do, I’d have liked a
bit more to happen like things flying around and stuff like in films!

How about scary movies, are you a fan? (feel free to talk about yourdanielle thompson celebrity ghost hunt
favourite film)

I love scary movies, my favourites are 90’s slashers like urban legend, i
know what you did last summer and scream but i like ghosty or vampire
horror movies too.

Ever fancied being in one?

I’d love to be in horror movies, that’s the genre i really want to get in to.

And now that you have fully recovered from the Gorezone Celebrity Ghost
Hunt experience, what are you up to?

I had more or less given up modelling while I was at drama school but I
missed it and decided to carry on modelling as well as acting so I’ve been
busy working on a new website which will be up and running soon

As mentioned in our Celebrity Ghost Hunt feature, GoreZone issue 63 is out now, complete with the DVD of the night.


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Tom is one of the editors at Love Horror. He has been watching horror for a worryingly long time, starting on the Universal Monsters and progressing through the Carpenter classics. He has a soft-spot for eighties horror.More

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