The Last Laugh with Nicholas Vince – Questions for the cast and crew of Heckle

Heckle was made after the writer/ director team had a hit with the short werewolf horror/ comedy film Blue Moon that played ScreamFest in Hollywood at the end of a successful festival run, and the creative team wanted to make a feature horror together. Voodoo films later came on as partners to bring ‘Heckle’ to life and it is about to receive its world premier at Octobers FrightFest.

Joe Johnson, at the top of his stand-up comic game, decides to share a Halloween weekend away with a group of friends. They decide on the theme of a 1980s retro party, and jokingly suggest that if they get drunk, high, and behave badly enough, hopefully they’ll attract their own psycho killer. The joke is suddenly very much on them though, as in turn they reach their grisly demise at the hands of The Heckler, an uninvited guest out to turn their nostalgic horror movie fantasy into a terrifying reality, before delivering an unforgettable punchline…

The premise of a stand- up comedian going too far with an audience member was an exciting premise, and the story and character of Ray Kelly caught the eye of Steve Gutenberg who took the staring roll in the movie. Also in the film are Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser), television celebrity Dani Dyer, the late Clark Gable III (grandson of Gone with the Wind’s Clark Gable) and Pop star Toyah Wilcox.

Below we have The Last Laugh as we put the cast and crew of Heckle through our exclusive questions:

1. How did you get involved with Heckle?
As far as I remember Anthony, the writer, simply reached out and invited me to be part of the film. I originally met him at a BAFTA short film event sometime earlier, and we stayed in touch.

2. What scares you?
Honestly there is so much that scares me at the moment. Mostly involving our government, and other right-wing regimes around the world. That’s why I recently decided to join the Green Party, so I could get involved, and overcome the feeling of being helpless and overwhelmed by it all.

3. What is your favourite horror film and why?
Roger Coleman’s “ The Masque of the Red Death“, based on stories by Edgar Allen Poe and starring Vincent Price. It’s one of the earliest horror films that I watched when I was a teenager, and I love it as it deals with the fear of death, the role of God in the world versus the Devil. The fact it deals with a plague and the reaction of the rich to it, gives a new dimension in the current pandemic.

4. Tell us a joke?
Did you know I used to be a werewolf? It’s okay though, as I’m alright NAOOOOW!

The film will be out at noon on October 24th as part of the Halloween FrightFest digital edition-


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