What are we watching on W4free this week?

A short while back we shared news about streaming platform W4free hosting a great horror films for October – and all for free!

Since then we have been regularly using the site and watching films (between attending online festivals and reviewing other films), so we thought it would be a good idea to let our readers know what they might be missing.
What better way is there to spend your time as the nights draw in and we approach All Hallows’ Eve?

Infestation (2009)

If you’re into creature features, this light-hearted horror could make your skin crawl (in a good way).

slacker, Cooper Flynn, finds himself waking up bound in cobwebs and cocooned in the wall of his workplace. After realizing that the world has been taken over by giant alien insects, he rouses a ragtag group of strangers and together they must fight for survival.

Watch Infestation on W4free

Take Shelter (2011)

If you’re after something more slow, brooding and filled with tension, look no further than Take Shelter

Curtis works in the local sand mine and lives with his wife and child. But Curtis is plagued by disturbing visions and soon finds himself battling to save his sanity. It’s a battle that could cost him his family and perhaps even his life.

Take shelter 2011 film

Watch on Take Shelter on W4free

Watch these films and find heaps more for free on W4free today.



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