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When you love horror as much as we do you want it to permeate every part of your life, at home, at work, on the walls, on your clothes, everywhere!

That is where our regular feature Little Shops of Horror comes in handy as we run through some seriously spooktastic stores and wicked websites ready to sell you truly terrifyingly awesome horror products.

The Haunted Warehouse is an Etsy shop run by The Haunted Model Maker and featuring spectacular models from some of your favourite horror films. Opened in 2018 every model and prop is hand crafted, designed from scratch and uniquely made with The Haunted Model Maker’s own styles and techniques.

From Carries house to the Insidious home, the Blair Witch Project House to Laurie Strode home in Halloween, the house IT lives in to a brilliant version of the Beatlejuice’s home the models are exquisitely made and simply stunning to look at.

If your not into horror homes The Haunted Warehouse has you covered with perfectly formed miniature props such as Audrey II from Little Shop of Horror’s, the Wicker Man and even the famous Amity Island sign from Jaws.

The shop even has a few less horrific items such as Father Ted’s Craggy Island home and a RuPaul Inspired Drag Race Stage diorama.

But its not just models as the shop also has a range of Art Prints. With designs such as The Horror Cinema and Hollywood parody HorrorLand best of all is the Welcome to Horrorville map which contains many of the classic Horror Houses including the Overlook Hotel and Amityville Horror House.

Below model maker extraordinaire The Haunted Model Maker himself aka Anthony answers some questions about his amazing mini-masterpieces:

How did you get into making such magnificent horror merchandise?

That’s a long and winding tale, which has a strange amount of coincidences and life steering manoeuvres. Kinda like a teen slasher, where a bunch of offbeat youths pile into a car and head out to the woods for some unknown reason. And we all know what happens to them. Well for me, and I’ll keep this brief; a childhood of making mini paper toys lead to a collection of 1970’s diecasts, and then an uncanny moment of perspective, where I told myself “I want to make models from all the best Horror Films.” And so I did. Before that though, I was a Swimming Teacher, Lego Tutor, Go-Go Dancer, And a Shelf Stacker. None of which have ever been as much fun.

What is your best selling product?

I’m so fortunate to be selling some of my work, I love making models and sometimes the odd illustration. If any fan asks me to recreate a miniature from a movie or TV show I happily give it my best shot. And it’s even better if it’s a real place as I can take full inspiration and get really detailed. The Murder House from American Horror Story for example is a real house in California, and I had to make it purely because it was so strangely unique, both creepy, sadistic and weirdly homely in its own way.

None of my models are made in bulk or sold in batches. I mostly find fans want something unique and just for them, it could be a movie house or real life castle, but there are always minor changes or signature details just to suit their own personal vision. I do however have a digital Illustration I created called “Welcome to HorrorVille” which is a collection of over 40 different classic horror houses and locations, all drawn out on a mini map. It’s been really popular and I love hearing back from customers who have framed it and displayed it near their collections, and even found all the surprise Easter eggs.

What inspires your creepy creations?

That’s a strange thing, I’m totally unsure about what inspires me. I think there’s this weird aspect of my fandom that wants to be within a movie or on the actual set. I often gage films by how good the geography of the environment is. For example if you were watching Psycho and all of a sudden you where magically transported into it, would you know where you where? Could you find Norman’s basement? Could you wander around the Motel and find the peep hole? That’s what I love to feel. And when I make a miniature, that’s what I want my customers to experience too, right in their own hands.

What is your favourite horror film and why?

Sadly I don’t have one. Not in the horror genera anyway. I’m still looking and I guess that’s what’s feeding my obsession. Hopefully one day I’ll find the perfect horror movie. But for that to happen it would need a couple of elements; First it needs unknown actors, who can really act. Famous celebrities don’t make good characters in horror films if you ask me. Sarah Michelle Gellar is a good actress but one minute she’s kicking some vampire ass, the next she can’t even handle a grudge match with evil Japanese ghost baby. The believability is so important and I’m only fully immersed if it’s a fresh face with a new talent.

Secondly it needs a good location. A creepy house is always good, or a sinister Island. Anywhere far away where the element of being trapped is a pure given for the events to unfold easily. I loved Paranormal Activity when it originally came out, and the fact it was set in a newly built home but was bringing us through the old motions of a ghost story really thrilled me.

Lastly it’s about the Art. Whether it’s a Hammer horror from the 1960’s or a low budget on-the-fly production in the 90’s, (Cube for example) it’s got to have an artistic flair. An edge that’s says you’re not in the normal world anymore. An unusual glow of light, a creepy sound, a tone in the atmosphere that says, ‘There’s something here.’ For me the most horrifying horror of them all contains a world with an under tone, and layers and layers of deathly details.

However if you where to force me to shout out my favourite horror film, I’d probably pick the first one I ever saw, ‘The Lost Boys.’

What scares you the most?

Humans, to be frank. The most terrifying and menacing creatures of them all. I don’t do well watching the news and seeing corrupt politicians, powerful criminals, and story after story of someone’s life in pieces. Horror movies that take advantage of this upset me. And I feel disturbed by torture porn, or anything close to snuff. For me horror is jump scares, grizzly bears, sharks, vampires, and anything super natural.

If you had to make a present for a famous horror character who would it be and why?

Hummmmm let me see. I could make Freddy Kruger a dream catcher. Jason Voorhees a calendar. Candyman a bee suit. Regan MacNeil a new nightdress. Or Norman Bates a blow-up doll. But if I was to be given my dream gig, I think I’d like to model Dracula’s castle, then once I present it to him, I’d invited him inside, where I would encapsulate his very dead soul, and store him forever on my entertainment unit next to my Blu-Rays.

Check out all The Haunted Model Maker’s wonderful creations on Etsy at The Haunted Warehouse and find more models and exciting stuff on Instagram @anthony_model_maker


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